As you may have heard, Gina K Craft is going out of business. We want to thank all our customers. You can still reach us at

Announcing our NEWEST ADDITION – Gina K Craft.

South Carolina Cutting Board

Gina K Collection has become a place to showcase our best work. While we LOVE making gallery-worthy pieces, they are time-consuming (often taking months to complete) and too costly for the average person. We’ve decided to concentrate on finding gallery placements for these. The Swamp Log Artisan Gallery in Bishopville is our first placement here in SC, but there will be more.

The Wood Bucket is a great place to get a good deal on tools for turning, burning, and carving, and for allowing us a venue to teach from. It’s growing and building a community of people who value what we value; cooperation, service, and quality. This ain’t going away, either.

So … to keep doing craft shows, and enjoy the awesome people we’ve met in the craft community, we are adding one final branch to our dba family … Gina K Craft.

Under this banner, we can make lower priced items, use our new, in-house built CNC router in addition to traditional tools, and offer more than just woodworking. My craft stash breathes a sigh of relief!

I hope you all will join us in launching this branch. Please like and follow our newest Facebook page and check out our newest makes this fall at shows and farmers markets in and around Sumter, SC.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Please share our links, too.